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SAtion along with Thinkubate are constantly on the lookout to add value to your business through various partnerships and offerings.

As a business owner you have encountered your business evolving through life stages, and very often not in a linear way at all. Thinkubate covers all life stages of a business, with bespoke solutions to keep you moving forward. Depending on where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, your actions and decisions will differ greatly.

We understand the challenges of growing a business all too well. Access to Information in the earlier stages of starting a business to access to finance and access to markets becoming very important in the later stages of growth. We aim to make Thinkubate a repository of the best information and resources available to help you grow your business systematically and will continuously update the system with the latest trends, links, technology and information.

SAtion and Thinkroom are offering you, the SMME, a limited number of free Thinkubate licenses to use to grow your business. 
1.If you would like to apply for access to Thinkubate click on the button to complete the form

2. Based on the qualifying criteria selected by SAtion you will receive feedback on your application