The Indian economy is being rewired. The opportunity is immense

Over the past three years India has endured more than its share of bad news and suffering. The pandemic has killed between 2.2m and 9.7m people. Lockdowns caused the economy to shrink temporarily by a quarter and triggered the largest internal migrations since partition in 1947, as city workers fled to their villages.

Fourth Industrial Revolution: IQbusiness launches digital snapshot to deepen digitalisation gains forced by COVID-19 lockdowns

The adoption of digital systems and tools can no longer be dismissed as an imperative only for tech-based businesses. Almost every business in South Africa, from a sole trader to a listed entity, had to rapidly shift towards remote and largely digital working in the past two years. As the pandemic threats start to subside, and businesses start to revert to ‘the old normal’ in-person ways of working, the South African economy risks sacrificing the immense digital gains that were made almost overnight.

Cortex Hub launches Ecosystem Lab in Partnership with Arm Limited

To support digitization initiatives across the Eastern Cape in South Africa, Cortex Hub today announced the launch of the Arm (E3)NGAGE lab in partnership with Arm Limited. The lab will focus on demonstrating Arm’s IP products, software, and solutions capabilities, as well as introducing Arm’s technology ecosystem to South Africa. Planned outcomes from the lab include the engagement, education, and cultivation of local technology ecosystems while making Arm a central pillar of the compute requirements across the region.

How to close the digital gender divide and empower women

Our world has undergone a historical moment of change. Since the beginning of the pandemic, our lives and societies are more digital than ever before, shifting the paradigm of our economies from the physical to the digital space.

Every household should get 10GB of data – minister

Communications minister Khumbudzo Ntshavheni has told parliament that every household in South Africa – whether rich or poor – should receive an allocation of 10GB of data per month.

The minister, speaking during the debate on last week’s state of the nation address by President Cyril Ramaphosa, did not explicitly state that the allocation should be free of charge – but she did hint as much, saying data had become an essential service, much like water and electricity.