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Digital SA Nation
Sowing our Digital Seed to Grow our Economy
Bridging The Digital Divide Digital Literacy, Skills Transfers And Digital Upskilling For All South Africans Let’s Cross The Bridge Together SAtion Knowledge Hub Building digitally skilled South Africans Become A Digitally Skilled South African

Growing our digital economy in South Africa to ensure inclusive social progress.

In this Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) world, South Africa’s dream is to have a globally competitive, inclusive, and shared economy with the technological capability and production capacity that is driven by people harnessing the 4IR to propel the country forward towards its social and economic goals, instead of falling behind.

Digitalise industries recover the local economy and ensure social progress with a globally competitive, inclusive, and shared economy.

SAtion will enable the realisation of the 4IR dream resulting in South Africa becoming a digitally advanced country. This will enable economy recovery and social progress plus a globally competitive, inclusive, and shared economy.

Transforming Nelson Mandela’s Rainbow Nation Into A Digital Nation

“The successful creation of a Digital Nation is as critical as South Africa’s Rainbow Nation vision that was initiated in 1994 by Nelson Mandela.

Before the global COVID-19 pandemic, SA was already facing a national economic divide owing to a struggling economy and low employment rate. The global COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the economic situation and further impacted livelihoods.

Under the Chairmanship of President Ramaphosa, the PC4IR has developed the vision, purpose, and strategy for the digitalisation of our economy. Key workstreams have been mobilised with the key consideration being urgency, accountability, and progressive outcomes.

The 4IR is not in the future; it is the present.

It is imperative that the country reorganises itself to ensure that all citizens are positioned to benefit from the opportunities presented in the digital economy. We, as a country, all need to unite to sow the vision into reality, transforming the economy that will enable SA to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and achieve financial stability.

Let us build and realise South Africa’s digital vision now, together!”

What is


SAtion is a multifaceted national ecosystem established by business, labour, and government stakeholders in a time of economic hardship. SAtion brings focus to the digitalisation workstream in the Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan to ensure rapid implementation, outcomes, and impact. With the goal for swift economic recovery, this initiative integrates digitaliSAtion, embraces the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and partners with business, government, educational institutions, SMEs, leading enterprises, thought leaders, and industrialists.

SAtion’s Symbol: The King Protea

The King Protea, the national flower of South Africa, is a formidable and regenerative plant that grows in a harsh environment – symbolic of a struggling SA economy caught up in the global pandemic. The flowers of the King Protea are actually composite flower heads (termed an inflorescence) with a collection of flowers in the centre, surrounded by large colourful bracts. Each bract represents one of the many elements of the digital SA Nation as defined by the Presidential Commission for the 4IR (PC4IR).

SAtion is planting the seed of digital transformation that has been designed by the PC4IR and will, like this regenerative plant and its flourishing, see growth, positive outcomes, and treasured citizens reaping economic rewards.


“Protea Magesty” © Dr. Michael Durst All rights reserved.

Let us build

and realise South Africa’s digital vision now, together!

And when we say together, we’re including:

SMES – Investors – Educators – Innovators – Communities – Dreamers – Start-ups – The Employed and Unemployed – The Inspired and the Uninspired – Those In Fear And Faith – The Proactive and Positive – Game-Changers – History-Makers

We’ll All Work Together Towards…

SAtion’s Workstreams/Initiatives are symbolised within the King Protea’s bracts. Workstream (WS) outcomes are actioned in a well-defined successful Operating Model alongside the 4IR Recommendations:

OrganiSAtion of SA Enterprises and Institutions
IndustrialiSAtion in every sector
SychroniSAtion working together
ModerniSAtion in the 4IR
ExternaliSAtion to be globally competitive.

South Africa will have a globally competitive, inclusive and shared economy with the technological capability and production capacity that is driven by people harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution to propel the country forward towards its social and economic goals.

Transform the SA Economy through digitalistion. The 4th Industrial Revolution is an era where people are using smart, connected and converged Cyber, Physical and Biological systems and smart business models to define and reshape the social, economic and political spheres.

  • UnioniSAtion  to create and support employment
  • CiviliSAtion Inclusive growth and social progress
  • InstitutionaliSAtion – investment for growth
  • ImproviSAtion – Agile, iterative and innovative
  • GeneraliSAtion – One Standard
  • SpecialiSAtion – Focussed in each of the crown bracts (petals) of the King Protea.

Grow. Digital SA Economy. Inclusive Social Progress.

SAtion's Operating Model…

SAtion’s Key Objective: 

To effectively bring the right people together and get the right conversations going. To coordinate these engegements to enable the success of the 4IR initiatives. To provide an ecosystem that Government can continuously leverage towards achieving the overarching 4IR Strategies and Goals

SAtion’s enriched ecosystem, through the engagement of all citizens, and its outcomes also play a crucial role in the SA Economic Recovery Strategy:

  • Economic growth
  • Infrastructure enabling SA to participate in a digital economy
  • National digital connectivity of the entire value chain
  • Sustainable global competitiveness
  • Online trade – to counter the impact of the COVID-19 health crisis
  • Technology R&D programmes to advance 4IR in SA
  • Rapid Payments Programme implemented enabling ease of payment
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship interventions for SMMEs to take advantage of 4IR
  • Support to SMMEs through digital programmes
  • Upskilling Initiatives
  • Enhanced employment
  • SA citizen financial livelihoods improved and sustained

In the light of the Covid-19 global pandemic reality and seriousness; SAtion supports the initiatives of the SA Government by: Staying Safe, Wearing Face Masks/PPE, and Social Distancing.